Woocommerce вывести ниже цену

Если для простых товаров нужно опустить цену ниже рейтинга в summary:

Woocommerce Catalogue visibility

С помощью этого кода можно проверить, выбрано ли скрывать товар в каталоге и поиске


Resolve a timed out state

If a certificate issuance times out, Cloudflare tells you where in the chain of issuance the timeout occurred: Initializing, Validation, Issuance, Deployment, or Deletion.

To resolve timeout issues, try one or more of the following options:

Change the Proxy status of related DNS records to DNS only (gray-clouded) and wait at least a minute. Then, change the Proxy status back to Proxied (orange-clouded).
Disable Universal SSL and wait at least a minute. Then, re-enable Universal SSL.
Send a PATCH request to the validation endpoint

using the same DCV method (API only).
Follow the APEX validation method.

isp manager добавить ipv6 адрес


woocommerce disable order notes